Motor Insurance

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This is the most commonly known class of insurance. Depending on the cover bought under this class of insurance, cover can be provided for accidental loss or damage to the insured vehicle and liability to third party.

This insurance is designed for Motor cars (private or commercial use), buses, trailers, trucks, motorcycles, tricycles and other vehicles (including Agricultural vehicles and those regarded as special types).

There are three main covers under this class of insurance business;

THIRD PARTY INSURANCE COVER -: This is not only made compulsory by law, it is also the minimum form of motor insurance in the Nigeria Insurance Market. It provides majorly four benefits which are;

  • Legal liability to the third party for death or disability arising as a result of bodily injuries or disability incurred as a result of direct or indirect use of the insured vehicle whilst on the road.
  • Legal liability for loss or damage to third party property up to a limit of N1,000,000.00        (Insurance Act 2003)
  • Emergency treatment payment (medical expenses)
  • Legal cost incurred with insurer’s consent in defending an action for damages including claimant cost awarded against the policyholder/insured.


THIRD PARTY FIRE & THEFT INSURANCE COVER -: This is another form of cover that can be purchased by vehicle owners. It is an upgrade of the first cover, hence. It covers in addition to the benefits of Third Party Insurance the following;

  •  Loss of or damage to the insured motor vehicle caused by;
  1. Fire
  2. Theft or any attempt threat


COMPREHENSIVE INSURANCE COVER -: As the name implies, this form of cover is more robust and wide-ranging than the first two covers of motor vehicle insurance mentioned above. It covers, in addition to the already stated benefits in the two earlier covers,

  • Accidental loss of or damage to the insured motor vehicle.


To enable us advise the premium payable for any of the covers listed above, we will require the following information:

  1. make, type and use
  2. the type of cover required
  3. value of the vehicle to be insured;

We do automatic upload of your Motor Insurance Certificate on the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID) for ease of verification by law enforcement agencies.

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