Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

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We have brought to you a unique Motor car insurance cover that will make your motoring a pleasurable experience and keep your ownership for as long as you want.


This policy is specially designed to include a whole lot more than what you think your car insurance can provide. It is more expandable than the comprehensive policy you have been used to; and it will guarantee your continued ownership of a car.


  1. Own damage
    • Impact damage
    • Fire
  2. Theft
  3. Third party death, bodily injury and property damage
  4. Strike, Riot and Civil Commotion cover:
  5. Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption and other convulsion of Nature cover
  6. Third Party Property Damage cover of =N=2 Million
  7. Free Personal effects cover up to a maximum limit of =N=100,000.00
  8. Personal Accident Cover for maximum of 5 persons including the driver

This will pay compensation for bodily injury as hereinafter defined sustained by any person including the insured and driver.

  1    Death 100,000.00
  2 Total and irrevocable loss of sight in both eyes 100,000.00
  3 Total loss by physical severance at or above the Wrist or ankle of both foot or of one hand Together with one foot 100,000.00
  4 Total loss by physical severance at or above the Wrist or ankle of one hand or one foot together With the total irrevocable loss of sight in one eye 100,000.00

The limit of liability in any one occurrence or series of occurrences arising from any one event shall not be more than =N=500,000.00.


  1. New for Old replacement as standard: Any new vehicle covered by the policy that is involved in an accident bringing about repair cost of nothing less than 50% of the value of vehicle shall be replaced with a new vehicle of the same type, make and model. However, the accident must occur within the first six months of cover.
  2. No deduction for depreciation at the time of claim.
  3. Policy Excess in any form shall not be applicable.
  4. Loss of use: where the insured vehicle is disabled as a result of dysfunction arising out of an accident covered by the policy, such that it cannot be immediately repaired, the insured shall be entitled to a chauffeur driven replacement car to be fuelled by the insured for a maximum duration of 10 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday, obtainable only in Lagos metropolis) while the vehicle is undergoing repairs between 8.00am and 7.00pm each day or in the alternative, a cash payment of =N=2,000.00 for the same period of 10 days (including Saturday and Sunday). Either of this shall become due not later than seventy two (72) hours after notice must have been served.
  5. 50% off the cost of ECOWAS Brown Card Cover.
  6. Quick response to distress calls anywhere and anytime: This includes automatic access to 24 hour help line/call facilitation to police and fire services.
  7. Provision of Towing facility/Instant Road Side Assistance: Whenever the vehicle of any insured breaks down as a result of the happening of any peril covered by the policy such that the vehicle becomes non-functional and cannot be repaired immediately, the passengers in the vehicle shall be taken to a convenient place along with the vehicle (available in Lagos alone).
  8. Traffic Authority Protection Service: This ensures that vehicles are not towed by LASTMA when there is a breakdown situation on the road (available in Lagos alone).
  9. Other Auxiliary Benefits: Discounts on cost of products bought or services rendered by a subscriber by some named organizations e.g. Mega Plaza, Luomo, FatansyLand, Mother Care, Goodies Supermarket, Light House, Design Options e.t.c.
  10. No claim bonus (NCB): This shall be payable at the end of any claim free period of insurance.
  11. Free cover in the 4th year of a claim free policy: Any vehicle covered under this scheme for a period of three consecutive insurance periods without incurring any claim shall be entitled to free cover in the fourth insurance period and where more than one vehicle is to be insured in that period; free cover shall be for only the vehicle that meets these requirements.
  12. Provision of Tracking Device: The company shall install a car tracking device in the car(s) insured under this scheme for the duration of the period of insurance. However, the insured is expected to make the car(s) available for installation of this device not more than 48 hours after notice must have been served.
  13. Third Party Property Damage cover of =N=2 Million any one occurrence.